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Welcome at Global Sport and Study.

A Sports Scholarship, playing sports and studying in the USA, for many students the ulitimate American dream. Athletic scholarships may be some of the most recongnized and coveted of all college scholarships. Although many people dream of receiving this kind of finacial aid, very vew do, but that does not mean it’s not possible! If you are not only excelling in sports but also having good grades at school, this dream might come true. Colleges and universities want student who will get a solid college education and play well for their teams.

Our workingprocedure

Global Sport and Study supports athlets in finding the most qualified university or college in order to make their dream come true. To be able to do so, we work very closely and have good contacts with the coaches of the varsity teams. This gives us a good insight in the required athletic level.

Global Sport and Study will also support and advice their student athlets with the procedures, required documents, tests (SAT, TOEFL), transcipts, selection of the university and studyprogram.
Signingon with Global Sport and Study gives student athlets all the support they need for applying for a sport scholarship in the USA.

We will always strongly have our focus on a personal touch and communication, in which the athlete always will be in the central of the proces.

Our Team

Cintha Boersma

Manager - Scout

Richard Regeling

Manager - Scout

Henriëtte Weersing

Scout - Volleyball

Kiki Collot d’Escury

Scout - Field Hockey