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What is a sports scholarship?

Sport and study in the USA, with the financial aid of a Scholarship. Wij would like to help you in realising this dream.

A Sports Scholarship, playing sports and studying in the USA, for many students the ulitimate American dream. Athletic scholarships may be some of the most recongnized and coveted of all college scholarships. Although many people dream of receiving this kind of finacial aid, very vew do, but that does not mean it’s not possible! If you are not only excelling in sports but also having good grades at school, this dream might come true. Colleges and universities want student who will get a solid college education and play well for their teams.

Volleyball, field hockey and soccer
A lot of top athlets have the opportunity of making use of a sports scholarship. In particular for sports like (beach)volleyball, soccer and field hockey for women. These sports are very popular on universities and colleges, and are offering good opportunties for scholarships for international students.

Study in the USA, what are the costs involved?
The costs of a full study at one of the universities or colleges in the USA can vary between the $ 30.000,- and $ 80.000,-, depending on the (type of) university or college and the study program. The good news however is that with the financial aid of a sports scholarship these costs can be reduced and brought down to the level of study in your home country. Depending on your athletic skills and level, the university can decide to provide you with a scholarship, which will cover the costs of your study, including costs for housing and food.

Why Global Sport and Study?
Why Global Sport and Study? Of course you can try to apply for a sport scholarship yourself. But chances of making this work are very limited. Universities and their coaches are receiving dozen of emails from students directly all over the world, trying to get a scholarship. You can imagine that a lot these emails and requests will be deleted without being red, opened or answered.

That is preciasly one the main reasons why coaches of univeristy an college teams prefer to work with companies like Global Sport and Study, who they know and can trust. The coaches are aware of the fact that athlets recruited and introduced by Global Sport and Study will comply to the requirements, both on the athletic and academic field.

Global Sport and Study will also support and advice their student athlets with the procedures, required documents, tests (SAT, TOEFL), transcipts, selection of the university and studyprogram.

Signing on with Global Sport and Study gives student athlets all the support they need for applying for a sport scholarship in the USA.