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Beach volleyball is the fastest-growing NCAA sport with 50 colleges and universities sponsoring it as of January 2015. NCAA rules require 40 sponsoring schools to request an NCAA championship. Data shows that on average, 60 percent of participants at a sponsoring school participate only in beach volleyball instead of playing both beach and indoor volleyball. When the sport was placed on the list of emerging sports for women in 2009, it was called sand volleyball. But because the sport is known as beach volleyball at all other levels of play throughout the world, they decide to change the name into “beach volleyball”. Thanks to the second place of Reinder Nummerdor en Christian Varenhorst during the World Championships in Den Haag, The Netherlands, beach volleyball became more and more popular. Do you play beach volleyball at a high level and you do have the right academic requirements, please do not hesitate to fill in the free application form.